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The finance tracker that delivers tailored insights to make the most of your money.

See the big picture of your money with all your financial accounts on one screen, and zoom in on your cash flow to know what’s spent and what’s left in your budget. Want to keep an eye on your credit profile and credit report? Check it anytime. We’ll also notify you when we see a change in your credit score, and drop Nerd-approved tips to keep building it.

How our tools make tracking and budgeting personal finances smarter:


Check up on all your bills, cards, and financial accounts at a glance
Track spending across multiple cards and bank accounts together and know what you have left based on income, spending, and bills.

We’ll show you a breakdown of your top spending categories
This will help you find places to cut back spending, adjust your budget, and set aside money to save.


See how all your money moves add up
We’ll show you the big picture of your finances — your totals for cash, debts, investments, and even your Redfin home value, so you know where you stand.

Reduce debt and learn ways to grow
We’ll surface personalized insights into making the most from the accounts you currently have, and look out for new accounts that could build up your net worth faster.


Check your credit score & credit report whenever you like
You always have access to your free credit score and free credit report. Any time we notice a change in your score, you’ll get a notification of what changed and why.

Keep building it up
We’ll show you the different factors that affect your credit score and suggest moves you can make to keep building your credit score and credit profile.


Maximize points every time you swipe
We’ll show you which cards in your wallet will earn you the most for a particular category to optimize your rewards.

Find the smartest card for your spending
We’ll analyze your top spending categories and let you know when there’s another card that could earn you more rewards based on your spending trends.

Download this personal finance app today and see why NerdWallet gets love from NBC, CNN, Fox, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and many, many more publications.

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